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A client had a problem with purchasing staff not checking that all the pertinent information was covered when preparing contracts. This resulted in contracts missing important details.

Using Mindjet MindManager, I created an idea map checklist – I also converted it to a linear document. Both documents were sent to the buyers as pdf files. It was interesting to note that they all printed out the map and taped it to their cubicle wall.

The linear document was not seen anywhere. When asked why they preferred the map, everyone said they liked the colors, imagery, and that it was interesting to look at (particularly the little guy holding the gold). The most important thing was that an immediate improvement could be seen in the quality of contracts being prepared – buyers were actually using the checklist.

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  1. Great point… When I started using mind mapping in talking to my customers about web development and mapping the sites I was designing for them I did something very similar, gave them both the linear version and a idea map version, only to find out that all the corrections and changes they were making were to the mapped version not to the linear one.
    So yes intuitively it seems everyone is able to understand an idea map and use it properly without any training.


  2. Hi, I read your post and I don’t understand, so please explain to me: was this map made for the clients or for the staff prepering contracts?


    The map was made for the staff preparing the contracts.

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