Event Planning

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Planning events, particularly when it involves multi-national participants, can be an overwhelming task. I have found that using idea mapping has been a great tool in simplifying the process and a real time saver.

This map was developed during a team planning session for an international conference that was being organized for an international development project. Each team member was asked to brainstorm their particular area of responsibility in advance. A meeting was held where a master map was created merging everyone’s points. During the creation of this map it was projected on the wall. It was interesting to see how many extra details where added by the group during this process. Having used this technique on numerous occasions – I am convinced that idea mapping with a team is the most effective and efficient way to collect a significant amount of detail. People are stimulated by the process – there is something about having “your idea” added to the map for everyone to see. In addition, the fact that everyone can sit back and see the map stimulates making connections that are very difficult to see when using a linear style.

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