My aim here is to provide visitors with tips, ideas, and some personal anecdotes relating to Idea Mapping.

Introduced to Mindjet’s MindManager software by a friend in 2003 it didn’t take long before I started using it for everything – I was hooked. As I began to discover the power of the software I started searching for more information about Mind Mapping. I needed to find out why this software was helping me to work more efficiently and effectively. I began reading about how the brain functions, memory, whole brain learning and then I purchased a copy of “Idea Mapping” by Jamie Nast which provided the answers. I attended a 2 day Idea Mapping workshop taught by Vanda North in the UK. Applying the fundementals taught during the workship while using MindManager helped make a good tool a great tool!

Since discovering the powerful tool of Idea Mapping, I have integrated it into my work and personal life – it helps me to focus when problem solving, plays a key role in providing clarity while working in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments and creating maps by hand helps stimulate a creative side that I thought I had lost a long time ago.

Having seen the positive effect that Idea Mapping has had while working with others and the profound effect it has had on me I attended the certification training in order to share this powerful thinking tool.

Glenn Stennes is a business consultant presently living and working in South East Europe.

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  1. Glenn,
    I’m a little slow at ringing in, but I’m here now, and glad to see your Blog. Mapping is such a powerful tool. I depend on it everyday to help focus my thoughts.

    Hope all is well with you. Enjoyed getting to know you in May.

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